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19 May, Fri Wollemi NP
Grade:5/6 Length 8km Sydney Branch
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longCorn Paddock Point to Koopartoo Point. Park at GR 393 200 on Wolgan Road and ascend Corn Paddock Point, GR 400 209 for a sensational view. From here, make our way through a series of ridges to Koopartoo Point, GR 407 214, for another sensational view. Attempt to descend a slot at GR 407 217, otherwise use Koopartoo Pass to come down into the gorge and return to the vehicles. About 8k. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. Map: Ben Bullen View

20 May, Sat Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Grade:5/6 Length 6km Sydney Branch
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longValley of the Dinosaurs and Ultimate Slot. Find out for yourself why this unique area, currently under threat, must be protected, now. Park on the road from Mount Airly to Genowlan Trig where there is suitable space. Walk up the road to the top of the plateau and then take the road to Genowlan Trig. Leave this road at about GR 253 320 and head east to the top, southern end of the Valley of the Dinosaurs. We will then proceed down the valley stopping to explore as many slots as possible on both sides. Next, visit the Ultimate Slot and then return to the road and to the vehicles. About 6k. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. Map: Glen Alice View

26 May, Fri Wollemi NP
Grade:6/6 Length 7km Sydney Branch
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longEast of the Mystery Mountain. Park across the river from the Old Newnes Hotel. Ascend Mystery Mountain. Descend the first line of cliffs, then turn east and traverse on the high ledge. Investigating cliffs and slots. Descend at about GR 441 257 or GR 444 254, depending on the time. Walk back to the cars. About 7k. Scrambling and exposure. Exploratory. Map: Ben Bullen, Mount Morgan View

4 Jun - 27 May, Sun-Sat Wollemi NP
Grade:5/6 Length 16km Sydney Branch
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long60 Best walks | This is one of the NPA's 60 best walks.Ridges West of Bulga. Co-leader Ian Thorpe. Drive to Bulga on Putty Road and ascend Milbrodale Ridge. Continue W and climb Mt Whybrow. Continue W on Milbrodale Ridge for as far as the time permits. Return the same way. This is a recce walk for the planned Wollemi traverse. Exploratory. Map: Bulga, Parnell Best Walk: Milbrodale View