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25-26 Aug, Sat (08:00AM)-Sun (16:00PM) Kanangra-Boyd NP
Grade:5/6 Length 22km  1,000m Central Coast Branch
Roy J.
Camp | An activity that involves an overnight stay, usually in a tent.Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(NEW!!!) Kanangra Road-Marrilman Heath-Colboyd Ridge-Mount Great Groaner-Central Christys-Barralliers Crown- Uni Rover track head.
This walk will be on pad in places with a good deal of off-track. The descent from Great Groaner to camp at Central Christys is steep and rough. The return journey begins with a steep ascent and then is a case of dodging banksia heath before entering forest terrain. Joint walk with Sydney Bush Walkers (SBW).
Location: Kanangra-Boyd NP
Map: Kanangra 89303S Limit: 8. View

1 Sep, Sat 7:30AM Perrys Lookdown to Pierces Pass
Grade:5/6 Length 22km  1,300m Sydney Branch
Nicola L.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFast pace | A trip where the leaders will set a fast pace.Perrys Lookdown - Blue Gum Forest - Grose River - Hungerford Track - Pierces Pass Picnic Area - return.  A strong and picturesque walk, with two big ascents of around 600m: Pierces Pass late morning and the burn up Perrys Lookdown to finish. Reasonable track, river crossing (we usually get over OK on the rocks). Joint walk with SBW.
Location: Blue Mountains NP
Map: Mount Wilson 89301N Limit: 7. View

8 Sep, Sat The Citadel
Grade:5/6 Length 8km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longThis unique but unprotected area, part of the Gardens of Stone region, has an active coal mine underneath it. Find out why it must be protected for future generations. Leave one vehicle at GR 243 305 on Glen Davis Road and drive another to GR 249 322 on the plateau. Walk southwards close to the rim of the escarpment all the way to Ultimate View and The Citadel; then to the Citadel Point at GR 255 301. Use a known pass to descend to the first car. Scrambling and exposure. 5M
Location: Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Map: Glen Alice 89314N and Ben Bullen 89314S View

14 Sep, Fri Pagoda Spurs and Ravines south of Point Hatteras
Grade:5/6 Length 6km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longPark on the plateau at GR 250 324. Walk on Point Hatteras Trail to GR 250 330; walk east100m, then turn south and explore the first spur to its end at GR 251 328; descend into the gorge to the east and walk up it to its end at GR 251 332. From here, move east and explore the second spur to its end at around GR 253 328. Walk NE, cross another ravine and attempt to gain a high point on the cliff edge at GR 255 330. Walk N from here to GR 255 333 above the W-E running gully; walk above the gully W to the trail. Re-connect with the cars. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. 5M.
Location: Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Map: Glen Alice 89314N View

30 Sep, Sun 6:00AM Monolith Valley
Grade:5/6 Length 17km Milton Branch
Mike J.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFrom Long Gully car park ascend via Kaliana Ridge, follow track west around Castle base and ascend to Castle Saddle. Follow track to enter Monolith Valley via Nibelung Pass. Chain ascent to explore the valley – Natural Arch, Green Room and lunch at Seven Gods Pinnacles with spectacular views. Return same route.
Location: Morton NP
Map: Corang 89273N Limit: 8. View

28 Oct, Sun Temple Creek, Holy Grail Ravine and Last Crusade Point
Grade:5/6 Length 9km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFind out why this unique unprotected area, part of the Gardens of Stone region, must be protected for future generations. Park vehicles on the Blackfellows Hand Trail at GR 327 090. Walk north down into Temple Creek, then turn west and walk along the base of the cliffs to Last Crusade Point and Ravine. Climb to the tops, then descend into Holy Grail Ravine. Walk to the end, then climb out on the eastern side and return to the vehicles. Scrambling and exposure.
Location: Newnes State Forest
Map: Cullen Bullen 89313N View

9 Nov, Fri Starlight and Devil Pinch Canyons Look-in
Grade:5/6 Length 12km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Swim | A trip that involves swimmingWalk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longAbseil | A trip involving abseilingDrive to Newnes and park at the locked gate at the Wolgan River Trail at GR 425 262. Walk the trail to GR 464 269 and walk in at the bottom of Starlight Canyon. Proceed to the last abseil and back. Swim/wade likely. Glowworms may be seen. Then visit the bottom of Devils Pinch Canyon, starting at GR 468 269. Both canyons are very impressive in their lower parts. Scrambling and exposure.
Location: Wollemi NP
Map: Ben Bullen 89314S and Mount Morgan 89311S View

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