Social lunch

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25 May, Tue 11:31AM Social lunch
Grade:1/6 Southern Sydney Branch
(SWAG) Geoffrey.L
Picnic | For a mostly static outdoor activity based around a picnicCafe | A trip that involves a relaxed stop at a cafe.Public Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.Social | A trip where people will be encouraged to interact and chat with each other.(NEW!!!) It is really difficult to meet up with hiking friends at NPA walks these days as some have become fitter as they get older.  Some have slowed down a lot.  Some just want a change of lifestyle.   So that we get to see each other and catch up, we will host a yum cha at Burwood.  Cost is about $30. RSVP to either Geoffrey or Esther ( RSVP essential as we need to make a booking. provide member no, mobile no and emergency contact no. View the 14 20km plus walks and take up the challenge. Overeating.
Location: Burwood View

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