Wollongambe Canyon

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13 Dec, Thu 8:00AM Wollongambe Canyon
Grade:4/6 Length 8km  250m Sydney Branch
Graham C.
Canyon | A trip through a canyon (a gully surrounded by tall cliffs).Wollongambe Canyon via Joe's, Du Fuars and Bell Creek Canyons. A taster of several canyons, each with its own distinct character. The side trip up Bells is a classic. Wetsuits, lilos, volleys/similar required. We will enter via Joe's, travel down Du Faurs, side trip up Bells and exit vie Wollongambe. Usual scrambling/frolicking with a steep climb out. Must be comfortable in cold deep water, slippery boulders and a largish blockup to negotiate. Otherwise good fun.
Location: Blue Mountains NP
Map: Mount Wilson 89301N and Wollongambe Limit: 8. View

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