Wollangambe Canyon lilo

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13 Feb, Sat 8:30AM Wollangambe Canyon lilo
Grade:3/6 Length 9km  320m Sydney Branch
Mark G.
Canyon | A trip through a canyon (a gully surrounded by tall cliffs).Liloing down through the stunning Wollangambe Canyon is one of summer's ultimate pleasures and I plan to check out a couple of interesting side canyons along the way too! So bring your lilo, sunnies, waterproof camera or phone and join me for this hedonistic day out in the wilderness. Some rock scrambling involved on the climb out. Deep water so must be able to swim or bring a life jacket. Wetsuits highly recommended.
Location: Wollemi NP
Map: Wollangambe and Mount Wilson 89301N Limit: 15. View

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