Rocky Creek Canyon

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20 Feb, Sat 8:30AM Rocky Creek Canyon
Grade:4/6 Length 7km  250m Sydney Branch
Mark G.
Canyon | A trip through a canyon (a gully surrounded by tall cliffs).Swim | A trip that involves swimmingUndeniably Rocky Creek Canyon is one of the Blue Mountains most spectacular canyons with its superbly sculptured walls, spectacular views along the way and a walk out to remember! Anyone coming on this trip must be able to swim as there is 3 short swims, the longest of which is about 50 metres. Also a wetsuit is mandatory as the water temperature is brisk to say the least. Some walkers may also prefer to bring a flotation device for the last and longest swim. Slippery rocks and cold water.
Location: Wollemi NP
Map: Rock Hill 89312N View

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