Otford to Waterfall

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10 Oct, Sat 7:28AM Otford to Waterfall
Grade:4/6 Length 26km  780m Sydney Branch
Mark G.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long60 Best walks | This is one of the NPA's 60 best walks.Starting at Otford Station this is the big walk for all lovers of the Royal National Park! On our journey through the southern section of this historic park we will travel along the following tracks, Cliff, Palm Jungle, Coast, Curra Moors, Walumarra, Couranga and Uloola to finish up at Waterfall Station. A wonderful walk through heathlands, rainforests, beaches and clifftops, showcasing the best the Royal has to offer! Lots of steps.
Location: Mount Royal NP
Map: NPWS Royal NP Limit: 15. View

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