Nellies Glen and Devils Hole Katoomba

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27 Jul, Mon 9:22AM Nellies Glen and Devils Hole Katoomba
Grade:3/6 Length 12km  500m Sydney Branch
(Allan’s Group) Janet R.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longSlow pace | A trip where the leader will set an easy pace.(Cancelled) Steep descent on deep old steps and track. Some rock scrambling ascending Devils Hole. Some sections will be damp and may be slippery. Be COVID safe, social distancing essential. Download the COVID app preferably. Use hand sanitiser. Please provide by email or SMS full name, mobile contact number, emergency contact number, NPA number for further details of bus connection to the start. Steep, damp, slippery.
Location: Katoomba
Map: Katoomba 89301S Limit: 14. View

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