Howling Arch, Pool of Diana & Pool of Aphrodite

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12 Jan, Sat Howling Arch, Pool of Diana & Pool of Aphrodite
Grade:5/6 Length 6km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Updated Details) Find out for yourself why this unique area, currently under threat, must be protected, now. Drive to approximately GR 468 058 on the Deep Pass Trail. Head down a spur trending slightly west of south and then south as it nears Dingo Creek. Visit Howling Arch, an amazing natural feature. Enter Dingo Creek and progress downstream for about 1.3km, visiting the scenic Pool of Diana on the way, continue underneath high cliffs to GR 476 048, the start of a north, north west trending ravine. Follow the ravine up, visiting the spectacular Pool of Aphrodite along the way, to eventually reconnect with the trail and the vehicles. All off-track, some rock scrambling and exposure.
Location: Newnes SF
Map: Cullen Bullen 89313N View

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