Bowens Creek South Canyon (non abseiling route)

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25 Jan, Fri 7:07AM Bowens Creek South Canyon (non abseiling route)
Grade:5/6 Length 8km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Canyon | A trip through a canyon (a gully surrounded by tall cliffs).Swim | A trip that involves swimming(Updated Details) A beautiful canyon. We’ll enter via Corkscrew Canyon in order to get into our canyon without abseiling. Plenty of rock hopping and scrambling and some narrow ledges to negotiate. Several wades and/or short swims. An interesting exit with a couple of scrambles - rope may be used. Some exposure at the exit and in the canyon. Bring your helmets and dry bags. Wetsuits recommended. About 8k. 5M, S223E; Canyon Grade 2.
Location: Blue Mountains National Park
Map: Mount Wilson 89301N View

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