Neighbourhood walk No 8: Paddington explorer

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19 Mar, Fri 10:00AM Neighbourhood walk No 8: Paddington explorer
Grade:1/6 Length 6km  100m Sydney Branch
(SWAG) Esther
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longCafe | A trip that involves a relaxed stop at a cafe.First time friendly | A trip that is perfect for most new members (assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness)Public Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.(Nearly fully booked) Leaders  HL and Brad Sichter. The "neighbourhood series" will be led by walkers who live in the vicinity of where they live. Today we explore Paddington. Points of interest:  Trumper Park, Paddington Reserve Garden. With its immaculate gardens, boardwalk, lighting and furniture, Paddington Reservoir Gardens offers a relaxing oasis for the community to enjoy in the heart of Paddington.It has been described as a combination of the Baths of Caracalla and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Optional lunch at The Lord Dudley Hotel.  It is one of Sydney's oldest and most loved family run English pubs. After lunch, there will be a second walk.  Highlights are: Five-ways, UNSW Art and Design, Victoria Barrack, Art Galleries, St Francis Assisi's Catholic Church, St Matthias Anglican Church
  Limit: 12. View

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