Even more of The Labyrinth

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21 May, Fri Even more of The Labyrinth
Grade:6/6 Length 10km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(NEW!!!) Park at Wolgan Road and go through Minotaur Lair to Point Sol and climb a high point at GR 422 232. Next, head north along the spur, then turn west and find a way down to the next level towards west at about GR 4200 2356. The idea is to explore the next 400 m of pagodas and slots, until 4160 E. Return via Ariadne Needles. Partly exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. About 10 km.
Location: Wollemi NP
Map: Ben Bullen 89314S View

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