The Alphabet Series: “X” Xacuti at Harris Park

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5 Apr, Fri 9:54AM The Alphabet Series: “X” Xacuti at Harris Park
Grade:3/6 Length 13km  130m Sydney Branch
(SWAG) Esther
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longLeader: Derek Hampton RSVP direct to For our Alphabet series, ‘X’ is for Xacuti. Join us to celebrate our multicultural heritage walks with authentic Indian cooking at Harris Park. We start from Kissing Point wharf, go along the cycleway alongside Parramatta River, looking out for native birds at Baludarri Wetlands, stopping briefly at the historical Hambledon Cottage before reaching our destination for our shared group lunch ($20). Parramatta signifies Sydney’s urban buzzy renewal so food streets like this won’t last. Return is by train. If eating, please confirm and email culinary/dietary preference. View

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