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22 Aug, Sat 8:00AM Jews Creek – Baal Bone Point – Pantoneys Crown
Grade:4/6 Length 11km  300m Sydney Branch
Mark G.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long60 Best walks | This is one of the NPA's 60 best walks.Pantoneys Crown is an isolated flat-topped Mesa rising from the floor of the Capertee Valley, the worlds second-largest canyon and for this my 20th visit to the crown i'm going via a very spectacular route right along the spine of the great diving range to Baal Bone Point. From this lofty vantage point, we descend someway to the valley below before the not too difficult climb up the southern end of Pantoneys to the top via a large slot. Once on top we can explore the pagodas and have lunch before retracing our steps back to the cars. Rock scrambling and off-track walking
Location: capertee
Map: Ben Bullen 89314S Limit: 10. View

22-24 Aug, Sat-Mon Yodellers Adventure
Grade:6/6 Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Camp | An activity that involves an overnight stay, usually in a tent.Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Fully Booked) Co-leader Kevin Songberg.
Day 1 – Saturday, 22 August 2020 – day walk. Drive to Widden Valley and park at GR 465 970, 200 m. With day packs and separate water to drop in for Sunday and Monday, climb to GR 465 958, 420 m and leave the water there; then traverse west to Falsetto Gap and climb Watts Mountain, 700 m. Explore around as time permits. Descend into Falsetto Gap and walk back to the cars. Drive to the national park boundary, GR 429 938, to camp. Have extra water in your car as there may be no/little water at the camp. Partly exploratory. About 6 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Day 2 – Sunday, 23 August 2020 – walk over two days with 1 night out. Strike the camp and drive to GR 465 970, 200 m. Leave another car at GR 490 983, 200 m. From the first car, walk up to pick up the water left the day before. Climb to a gap below Wedding Cake Mountain. After an optional but recommended climb to a vantage point, walk down the ravine to the north east, to around GR 472 961, 340 m, then sidle east until a spur is reached that we will use to climb Torrani Mountain. Our camp will be at GR 475 957, 590 m. There is no water at the camp and it is sleeping on rock platforms, so either sleep out or have cord on the sides and corners of your tent so you can anchor it down. Partly exploratory. About 6 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Day 3 – Monday, 24 August 2020. After an optional but recommended early morning walk along the narrow, very high peninsula to a vantage point over Oakland Peaks, traverse east via Reverelli Mountain to the Cats Ear East, then down to Myrtle Gully Road at GR 490 983, 200 m. Complete the car shuffle. Partly exploratory. About 7 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Private property access will be arranged. Elevations are included with all grid references below. Rating: 6, M333E
Location: Wollemi NP
Map: Widden 89321N View

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