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4 Jan, Fri 8:42AM Burra Korain Flat
Grade:3/6 Length 12km  500m Sydney Branch
Allan P.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longPublic Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.Walk down to Burra Korain on the Grose River. On the way visit Victoria Falls. Lots of steps. Rough track. Creek crossings.
Location: Mt Victoria
Map: Mount Wilson 89301N Limit: 15. View

4-14 Jan, Fri-Mon Upper Murray & Mitta Mitta River Paddle
Milton Branch
Peter W.
Camp | An activity that involves an overnight stay, usually in a tent.Paddle | A canoe or kayak tripSocial | A trip where people will be encouraged to interact and chat with each other.4 days paddling on the Upper Murray River from Bringenbrong Bridge to Towong. 4 days paddling the Lower Mitta Mitta River from Mitta Mitta to Tallangatta. 2 days off. We will be paddling from 2/3 base camps and only doing day paddles each day. A canoe trailer will be used for the turnarounds each day. Both rivers are grade 1/2 with gravel races and willows. Plastic kayaks only. Paddlers interested in the paddle email or phone for a more detailed information sheet. Book early as there is a limit of 12 and such trips get booked out very quickly. Grade 1/2 gravel races and willows. PFDs compulsory. Limit: 12. View

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