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19 Jan, Fri 12:30PM Grand Canyon (wet section, without the abseil)
Grade:5/6 Length 5km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Canyon | A trip through a canyon (a gully surrounded by tall cliffs).Swim | A trip that involves swimmingWalk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Updated Details) It is going to be a very hot day on Friday, so I propose to spend the hottest part of it in this delightful wet canyon. We will meet at 12:30pm at Evans Lookout car park and walk down to the abseiling canyon exit, then walk upstream to the abseil point and back again. It should take about 2 hours each way (the canyon part). There is one 20-25m swim at the start (and therefore the end), otherwise it is wading only. Bring helmets and appropriate shoes for slippery rocks. Waterproof bags for your food, clothes and personal items. Bring water. After finishing the canyon, we will return the same way to Evans Lookout. Canyon: Grade 2. Bushwalk: Grade 5.
Location: Blue Mountains NP
Map: Katoomba View

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