Wollangambe 6

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20 Mar, Fri Wollangambe 6
Grade:6/6 Length 7km Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longThis trip continues our Wollangambe exploration. Park one car at GR 631 920 and another one at GR 639 935 on Danes Way. From the first car, find a way down to the river at about GR 629 924. Continue down the river for as long as the time allows, probably till around GR 640 950. Find a way up to the second car. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure. Wetsuits-required; helmets-compulsory; lilos-optional. Approximate distances – 3.5-4 km on the river; 7 km overall.
Location: Blue Mountains NP
Map: Wollangambe 89312S Limit: 8. View

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