The Duck Hole

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24 Jun, Mon 10:30AM The Duck Hole
General Community Event
Talk | A talk or slide show presentation.Educational | A trip where the leader will focus on teaching or training.Michael, Brian, Yuri and John would like to invite you to the launch of the new book, The Duck Hole, by Michael Keats and John Fox.The Duck Hole is a section of the Glenbrook Creek that has long been a popular bushwalking and swimming destination. Those who were observant would have noticed some infrastructure on the track down and at the water's edge and may have been curious about what its origins were. The book includes many historic photographs and reads like a detective story. The authors set out to learn more about the historic infrastructure, and a systematic investigation was made. In the process, they refuted local folklore and discovered the real story behind a fascinating period of rail history in the Blue Mountains. View

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