Saving Cliefden Caves and Fossil Hill from Submergence

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25 Feb, Tue 7:30PM Saving Cliefden Caves and Fossil Hill from Submergence
General Community Event
Talk | A talk or slide show presentation.For more than 80 years there have been proposals to flood the valley at the Needles Gap, to store water as security in times of drought and to mitigate flooding occasionally affecting Canowindra. But these proposals would also submerge many of the caves and prevent access to the important fossil sites, as well as flooding valuable agricultural land. So how do requirements for water storage and other uses stack up against preserving natural heritage? Dr Ian Percival will address some of the issues involved in the campaign by cavers and geologists to protect Cliefden Caves and Fossil Hill. This campaign was successful in dissuading the Government from constructing the dam, but not everyone was happy, especially local farmers. Step Inc event. View

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