Hilltop – Railway Cutting – Cave Creek Circuit

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24 Mar, Tue 9:30AM Hilltop – Railway Cutting – Cave Creek Circuit
Grade:4/6 Length 8km  300m Southern Highlands Branch
Martin M.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Cancelled) This activity will comply with social distancing practices. Starting at the location where West Parade (Hill Top) becomes Wattle Ridge Road, we will wander aimlessly like hobos down the abandoned railway track down and through Australia's deepest railway cutting. Once through the cutting and assuming there are no trains we will make our way up to the monument. From the monument, we will make our way eastward down a fire trail for a while. At a secret location known to no one including the leader, we will traverse cross country down and meet up with the track into the bottom end of the Cave Creek. As the bridge was burnt out during our recent fires we will clamber across to a very special place. Backtracking we will rise up and around to the entrance of tunnel creek followed by some cross country eastward bound along a very pleasant ridge that will offer some very nice views. From here we will cross country westward to the Cave Creek car park. A short walk along the road will get us back to the starting place. If there is enough energy and interest we can add a short 3km circuit that takes the railway cutting to Hill Top village and back via a trail. This is a strictly social distancing walk.
  • Keep your distance
  • Don't ask a fellow walker to pass your water etc.
Uneven and off-track.
Map: Bargo 90293N and Hilltop 89292N Limit: 20. View

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