Destination Pagoda

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11 Apr, Thu 6:30PM Destination Pagoda
General Community Event
Talk | A talk or slide show presentation.How the Gardens of Stone spectacular landscape can be protected and enjoyed through the provision of basic recreation facilities centred on Lithgow. Tom Zubrycki, award winning documentary maker, will introduce his new work Gardens of Stone: Living Landscape that tells the story of the Gardens of Stone campaign and how the future of this spectacular region hangs in the balance. Guest speaker Ian Brown, adventurer, climber and respected park management consultant, will then outline the potential of the Gardens of Stone as a world-class tourism and conservation reserve. Destination Pagoda (co-authored by Ian and Elizabeth Dudley-Bestow) outlines a program to create an iconic, rewarding, must-see tourist destination. Coma along and show your support the Gardens of Stone campaign. Register here for the Katoomba launch. View

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