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Program listing

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5-7 Oct, Sat-Mon A 3-day Pack Walk
Grade:6/6 Sydney Branch
Yuri B.
Camp | An activity that involves an overnight stay, usually in a tent.Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longRoute to be advised later on, based on water availability and other factors. Watch short notice announcements.
Location: Wollemi NP Limit: 6. View

5 Oct, Sat Caves Beach to Munmorah SCA
Grade:3/6 Length 15km  50m Sydney Branch
Greg L.
Swim | A trip that involves swimmingWalk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFirst time friendly | A trip that is perfect for most new members (assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness)Social | A trip where people will be encouraged to interact and chat with each other.Caves Beach - Catherine Hill Bay - Munmorah SCA. Great coastal walking with interesting beaches and inlets. One way walk with possible swims along the way.
Location: Munmorah SCA
Map: Catherine Hill Bay 92314S Limit: 10. View

5 Oct, Sat 10:21AM Windsor Exploration
Grade:1/6 Length 4km Sydney Branch
(Jean’s Group) Gail S.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longCafe | A trip that involves a relaxed stop at a cafe.Public Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.Slow pace | A trip where the leader will set an easy pace.Very easy, nearly all flat. Morning tea stop then some history and walk to Deerubbun Park along River to bridge, George Street. Lunch at The Terrace. After coffee stop walk back to Windsor Station for train return to city (every 30 mins). View

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