Thirlmere Lakes Circuit

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30 Apr, Tue 9:30AM Thirlmere Lakes Circuit
Grade:2/6 Length 11km  200m Southern Highlands Branch
Mike M.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFirst time friendly | A trip that is perfect for most new members (assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness)From Lake Couridjah Car park we will traverse anti clockwise around Lake Couridjah, Lake Werri Berri, and Lake Gandangarra then up Racklyefts Finger Track to lookout over Lake Nerrigorang then down to Nerrigoran Picnic Area for lunch. Return to car park via Thirlmere Lakes Track. Birds and wild flowers are in abundance. Rough tracks, fallen trees.
Location: Thirlmere Lakes NP
Map: Picton 90294S Limit: 20. View

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