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5 May, Thu Telopea to Parramatta
Fully inside City of Parramatta Council
Grade:2/6 Length 9km Sydney Branch
Sue W
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFirst time friendly | A trip that is perfect for most new members (assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness)Fully Vaccinated | All participants must be able to show proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to particpate.Photography | A trip that has a strong focus on encouraging people to capture photographs.Public Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.Down Vineyard and Subiaco Creek, tributaries of the Parramatta River and then along the river until a little after the Gasworks Bridge on Macarthur Street to the Charles Street Weir, opposite Parramatta Wharf and at the bottom of the Queens Avenue stairs. It’s hard to believe that the outside world is so close as the trees have formed a leafy canopy with birds, insects, a waterfall and reservoir. Hazards include current viruses and slippery surfaces if wet. Limit: 10. View

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