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24 Jun, Thu Dee Why to Manly
Grade:2/6 Length 8km Sydney Branch
Sue W.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or longFirst time friendly | A trip that is perfect for most new members (assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness)Photography | A trip that has a strong focus on encouraging people to capture photographs.Public Transport | There are public transport options to and from this activity.(Date Changed) An exploration south from Dee Why along the coast to Manly with incredible ocean views for almost the entire way as we visit four beautiful beaches.
It presents opportunities to see whales, wild flowers, various vegetation, birds and rocks - it really does have it all.
The walk is on good paths with steps.
Booking is mandatory so include your name, member number and emergency NOK contact phone number and name.
Location: Northern Beaches Sydney Limit: 12. View

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