Killabakh Mountain

Best walk no. 43

Killabakh Mountain

Grade 5
Killabakh Mountain. According to the NPA website this is one of the 60 best walks in NSW. On a clear sunny day that may well be true. The changes in scenery and vegetation are amazing, no way anyone could get bored on this "black-hands" walk. killabakh-mountain_2022-05-04_photos by John Southcott.
Killabakh NR
North Coast
Mid North Coast Branch

The start of the walk is 11km south-west of Comboyne village at the locked gate where Yellow Rock Creek Road (aka Marsh Access Road) joins Comboyne Road to Wingham on a sharp bend.

Except for the first and last ten minutes, this is no walk on a road or track yet the overall distance covered is only about 7km. It is a step over, bend under, scramble up, scramble down work out.

The vegetation, dead and alive, is an apt history lesson in the climate extremes experienced here in the last 3 years. Many fallen trees, often charred, to get over or under, much re-growth and weeds to contend with before the steep accent to ‘micro’ peak and the first view of the summit. Then a steep decent to the saddle, where towering New England Blackbutts dominate, before another steep accent to the “high plateau” mortuary of black skeleton trees interspersed with a new generation of kindergarten casuarinas. Occasionally a real feast for the eyes, a clump of golden Banksia flowers on young post apocalypse bushes. Then the final accent, much over rough, “good grip” rock to the awesome summit at 865m.

A grade 5 but extremely rewarding when the summit is reached and the magnificent 360ยบ views inhaled. The visible stretch of coast line is enormous with numerous notable peaks in the foreground including nearby Mt Goonook and the unmistakable Mt Coxcomb. Then if one turns around to the west the views to the Great Dividing range compete.

John Southcott

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