River Walk Berrima

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23 Mar, Tue 9:30AM River Walk Berrima
Grade:3/6 Length 10km  300m Southern Highlands Branch
Sue Ann M.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Fully Booked - Ask leader about waiting list) Instead of our normal two pre-defined groups.  Each walker can decide on the day which  option they want. Each covering the same grounds but in a different order. Option 1  Follow along the river track circuit.  Return to cars and proceed to Quarry Walk and Berrima Weir. Option 2 Commence with Quarry Walk and Weir then proceed to River Walk   Hazards: Steep climbs, slippery rocks, rough track
Location: Berrima
Map: Mittagong 89292S Limit: 30. View

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