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23 Jun, Tue Beehive Point
Grade:3/6 Length 14km  600m Southern Highlands Branch
Sue Ann M.
Swim | A trip that involves swimmingWalk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Cancelled) (Scribbly Gum Sue’s Group) From the end of Jack's Corner Road follow Griffins Fire Trail to a track to the left. Follow this through the forest to a steep descent to the main dirt road leading to Beehive Point on Lake Yarrunga. This is a lovely picnic area and chance for a swim. Return by the main dirt road. Rough track and some steep sections both up and down.
Location: Morton NP
Map: Bundanoon 89281S View

23 Jun, Tue Berrima River Walk
Grade:3/6 Length 7km  103m Southern Highlands Branch
Mike M.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Nearly fully booked) (March Fly Mike’s Group) A circuit walk along the Wingecarribee River taking historic stone quarry and the heritage German internment camp walk. Possible optional extension to Berrima Weir. Some off-track and wombat holes.
Map: Mittagong 89292S View

23 Jun, Tue Kangaroo River Fire Trail
Grade:3/6 Length 8km  300m Southern Highlands Branch
Joan L.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Fully Booked) (Jelly Fungus Joan’s Group) The Kangaroo River Fire Trail leads from Tallowa Dam Road down to Lake Yarrunga. The fire trail winds through forest with beautiful ferns, orchids and interesting rock formations to a lovely lunch place on the banks of Lake Yarrunga. Return by the same route. Rough, steep fire trail and fallen trees.
Location: Morton NP
Map: Burrier 89282N View

23 Jun, Tue Moolatoo Trig Fire Trail
Grade:3/6 Length 11km  200m Southern Highlands Branch
Sue Ann M.
Walk | A bushwalk of any kind short or long(Scribbly Gum Sue’s Group) Moolatoo Trig Fire Trail winds through forest. There are 4 separate cliff edge sites with dramatic views over Shoalhaven Gorge towards Ettrema Wilderness. Unfenced cliffs. Sandstone rock can fracture and crumble without warning.
Location: Morton NP
Map: Burrier 89282N Limit: 10. View

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