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1 August, Sat
Traverse of the Gods, Mark G., (/6 9.0km)

2 August, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 5, Esther C., (/6 12.0km)

3 August, Mon
Sassafras Gully and more, Janet R., (/6 9.0km)
St Leonards to Greenwich Wharf, Berry Island and Waverton, John H., (/6 10.0km)

4 August, Tue
Carrington Falls & Nellies Glen, 2038, (/6 8.0km)
Manning Lookout to Crystal Pool, Joan L., (/6 8.0km)
Mt Gibraltar, Mike M., (/6 8.0km)
Recovering after bushfires – what role can Landcare play?, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

5 August, Wed
Fullers Bridge Circuit, Mike P., (/6 10.0km)
NSW Marine Parks: Are we serious about their place in the reserve network?, NPA NSW Office, (/6 0.0km)
The Woronora Plateau -Warrangarree Drive Reserve, Brian E., (/6 5.0km)
Waterfall circuit via Mt Westmacott, Bondel Pool and Kingfisher Pool, Bandula G., (/6 12.0km)

6 August, Thu
Cockatoo Island, Sue W., (/6 6.0km)
The nature of national parks, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

7 August, Fri
Rhodes to Cabarita, extension to Haberfield, Marilyn C., (/6 10.0km)

8 August, Sat
Grass Trees Crcuit, Mark G., (/6 13.0km)
Part of six foot track, Angelo E., (/6 16.0km)

9 August, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 15B – Bridges, Railways and Tunnels, Esther C., (/6 12.0km)
Noosa and Brisbane North Side Pedal and Paddle, Peter W., (/6 40.0km)

10 August, Mon
Linden to Springwood, Allan P., (/6 19.0km)

11 August, Tue
Carrington Falls & Nellies Glen, Mike M., (/6 8.0km)
Manning Lookout to Crystal Pool, Sue Ann M., (/6 6.0km)
Mt Gibraltar, Joan L., (/6 8.0km)

12 August, Wed
Abbotsford to Cabarita, John H., (/6 10.0km)
Coastal cliffs, Brian E., (/6 10.0km)
Glenbrook loop walk, Fritz W., (/6 8.0km)
Walkers get together, Mal, (/6 0.0km)
Wonders of the central west, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

13 August, Thu
NPA Macarthur Nature Talk, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)
Sydney Olympic Park, Sandra C., (/6 5.0km)

14 August, Fri
Bellambi Lagoon, Brian E., (/6 7.0km)
Tootie Creek Tributaries, Yuri B., (/6 5.0km)

15 August, Sat
Mt Solitary Traverse, Mark G., (/6 20.0km)
Narrowneck – Red Ledge Pass – Devils Hole Track, Mark G., (/6 11.0km)
Wild Gorge, Dome Cave and Cosmic Cave, Yuri B., (/6 8.0km)

16 August, Sun
Bargo River Gorge, Graham B., (/6 12.0km)
The Great West Walk: Part 3, Esther C., (/6 14.0km)

17 August, Mon
Glenbrook circuit via Duck Hole and Red Hand Cave, Bandula G., (/6 12.0km)

18 August, Tue
Ahearns Lookout, Margie, (/6 12.0km)

19 August, Wed
Colliery Canyon and Kamarah Gully, Bandula G., (/6 10.0km)
Forestville loop walk, Gerald H., (/6 9.0km)

20 August, Thu

21 August, Fri
Bass Point, Brian E., (/6 5.0km)
The Great West Walk Part 4, Esther C., (/6 1.0km)

22 August, Sat
Jews Creek – Baal Bone Point – Pantoneys Crown, Mark G., (/6 11.0km)
Yodellers Adventure, Yuri B., (/6 0.0km)

23 August, Sun
Tahmoor Gorge, Esther C., (/6 10.0km)

24 August, Mon
Campfire Creek to Euroka Clearing, Allan P., (/6 12.0km)

25 August, Tue
The Garawarra Loop, Brian E., (/6 9.0km)

26 August, Wed
Leura to Katoomba via Linderman Pass, Bandula G., (/6 11.0km)

27 August, Thu

28 August, Fri
Above Daves Pass, Yuri B., (/6 10.0km)
The Great West Walk part 5, Esther C., (/6 13.0km)

29 August, Sat
Great West Walk Toongabbie – Parramatta, Roger L., (/6 12.0km)
Tracks,lookouts and caves of Mt.Victoria, Mark G., (/6 15.0km)

30 August, Sun
Martins Lookout to Lost World return, Esther C., (/6 10.0km)

31 August, Mon
Centennial Glen Creek, Allan P., (/6 9.0km)