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1 April, Mon
Submarine Rock, Allan P., (/6 11.0km)

2 April, Tue
Castle Hill – Fullers Road Reserve, Dianne E., (/6 8.0km)
Mermaids Pool & Tahmoor Gorge, Mike M., (/6 8.0km)
South Coast, Shirley H., (/6 10.0km)

3 April, Wed
Cronulla, Bob S., (/6 3.0km)
Oatley Park, Brian E., (/6 10.0km)
Slotts Way & Starlights Trail Circuit (revisited), Mike M., (/6 17.0km)

4 April, Thu
Kariong – Point Clare, Margery W., (/6 8.0km)

5 April, Fri
Blackheath to Mt Victoria, Allan P., (/6 10.0km)
Pagoda Spurs and Ravines west of Genowlan Gorge, Yuri B., (/6 8.0km)
Yunnan Province 15 Days Tour, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

6 April, Sat
Grose Valley, Greg B., (/6 17.0km)
Manly and surrounding beaches, Fran C., (/6 6.0km)
Temple of Doom, Lost Ark Point and Indiana Gorge, Yuri B., (/6 8.0km)
Victoria Falls Lookout to Pierces Pass, Mark G., (/6 11.0km)

7 April, Sun
Illawarra Escarpment, Col M., (/6 11.0km)
Stoney Creek Circuit, Mike J., (/6 15.0km)

8 April, Mon
Lithgow Launch of Destination Pagoda, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)
Maitland Bay Circuit, Carole B., (/6 16.0km)
St Helena Ridge to Blaxland, Allan P., (/6 15.0km)

9 April, Tue
Carss Park, Shirley H., (/6 12.0km)
Castle Hill – Crestwood, Dianne E., (/6 7.0km)
Lake Illawarra Bike (Road/Mtn), Leslie R., (/6 40.0km)
Moolatoo Trig Fire Trail, Ian G., (/6 11.0km)

10 April, Wed
Gordon to Roseville, Mike P., (/6 12.0km)
Lapstone Zig Zag, Brian E., (/6 14.0km)
Walkers get together, Mal, (/6 0.0km)
Watsons Bay to South Head, Bob S., (/6 3.0km)

11 April, Thu
Bundeena Circuit, Sue W., (/6 10.0km)
Destination Pagoda, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

12 April, Fri
Little Zig Zag, Allan P., (/6 8.0km)

13 April, Sat
Botany Cemetery – La Perouse + Fran’s Farewell, Ailsa C., (/6 6.0km)
Kangaroo Valley, Col M., (/6 15.0km)
Springwood Circuit, Jill G., (/6 13.0km)

14 April, Sun
Barrenjoey to Gerringong : Section 5, Geoffrey.L, (/6 25.0km)
Blue Top & Conjola Creek Tributaries, Jim G., (/6 9.0km)
Narrabeen Lagoon Secrets Revealed, Tony C., (/6 0.0km)

15 April, Mon
Lincoln Rock, Allan P., (/6 10.0km)
Newnes Galleries, Yuri B., (/6 6.0km)

16 April, Tue
Coalcliff to Scarborough/Wombarra, Maurice F., (/6 6.0km)
Middle Head, Shirley H., (/6 13.0km)
Patons Fire Trail, Pamela W., (/6 9.0km)

17 April, Wed
Exploring the Hacking River, Peter V., (/6 0.0km)
Point Clare to Gosford, Bob S., (/6 4.0km)
Tabourie to Stokes Island, Kevin R., (/6 6.0km)
Waterfall to Helensburgh, Adrian J., (/6 15.0km)

18 April, Thu

19 April, Fri
Baker Labyrinth and more, Yuri B., (/6 0.0km)
Gardens of Stone wilderness basecamp, Mark G., (/6 20.0km)

20 April, Sat
Audley Circuit, Graham B., (/6 12.0km)
Cumberland State Forest, Dianne E., (/6 6.0km)

21 April, Sun

22 April, Mon
Burgess Falls and Woodford Dam, Allan P., (/6 12.0km)

23 April, Tue
Engadine to Heathcote, Helena S., (/6 13.0km)
Lindfield to Forestville, Shirley H., (/6 15.0km)
Mt Keira Ring Track, Mike M., (/6 10.0km)
Oatley Circuit Walk, Lyn C., (/6 6.0km)

24 April, Wed
Glenbrook to Portal Lookout, Michael B., (/6 14.0km)
In search of the Royal, Esther C., (/6 10.0km)

25 April, Thu
Coast Track in 1 day Anzac Day, Bandula G., (/6 28.0km)

26 April, Fri
Patonga to Woy Woy, Allan P., (/6 16.0km)
West of Genowlan Trig, Yuri B., (/6 8.0km)

27 April, Sat
Kangaroo Creek Valley, Peter F., (/6 7.0km)

28 April, Sun
Barrenjoey to Gerrigong: Section 6, Geoffrey.L, (/6 15.0km)
South Coast Islands 2: Crookhaven Heads (an attached island), Helen M., (/6 13.0km)

29 April, Mon
Red Gum Park, Allan P., (/6 12.0km)
Warrumbungles, Mount Kaputar, Ewan C., (/6 15.0km)

30 April, Tue
Blackheath Circuit walk, Carole B., (/6 17.0km)
Thirlmere Lakes Circuit, Mike M., (/6 11.0km)
Warriewood to Mona Vale Beach, Shirley H., (/6 12.0km)
Wentworth Falls Lake Circuit, Dianne E., (/6 5.0km)