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1 July, Wed
Blackheath circuit via Porters Pass and Centenial Glen, Bandula G., (/6 11.0km)
Lane Cove NP, Hildegard S., (/6 11.0km)

2 July, Thu
Parks of Glebe, Sue W., (/6 6.0km)

3 July, Fri
Wiseman’s Ferry, Marilyn C., (/6 10.0km)

4 July, Sat
Pisgah Rock Track – Erskine Creek – Dadder Cave – Blands Pool, Mark G., (/6 10.0km)
Provide first aid – Two Day, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

5 July, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 9, Esther C., (/6 11.0km)

6 July, Mon
Bedford Creek Pools, Allan P., (/6 11.0km)
Hornsby to Thornleigh, Ian B., (/6 10.0km)

7 July, Tue
Drawing Room Rocks, Sue Ann M., (/6 4.0km)
Gibbergunyah Nature Reserve – Mittagong, Mike M., (/6 8.0km)
Les Lambeth Lookout, Joan L., (/6 9.5km)
The Cascades – Macquarie Pass, Joan L., (/6 8.0km)

8 July, Wed
Glenbrook Portal Lookout, Marilyn C., (/6 10.0km)
Round Willoughby Walk, Ted W., (/6 37.0km)
Walkers get together, Mal, (/6 0.0km)
Wentworth Falls circuit via many lookouts, Bandula G., (/6 12.0km)

9 July, Thu
Como – Oatley, Lyn C., (/6 6.0km)

10 July, Fri

11 July, Sat
Wodi Wodi/Forest /Sublime Point tracks, Mark G., (/6 15.0km)

12 July, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 8, Esther C., (/6 11.0km)

13 July, Mon
Linden to Springwood, Allan P., (/6 19.0km)
North Ryde – Fairyland Loop Track – North Ryde, Ian B., (/6 10.0km)

14 July, Tue
Drawing Room Rocks, Mike M., (/6 4.0km)
Gibbergunyah Nature Reserve – Mittagong, Joan L., (/6 8.0km)
The Cascades – Macquarie Pass, Sue Ann M., (/6 8.0km)

15 July, Wed
Cooks River, Denise S., (/6 9.0km)

16 July, Thu
East from Cremorne Point along Sydney Harbour and return., Sue W., (/6 6.0km)

17 July, Fri
Historic Sites Along Tramway Trail and Haulway to the Ridge Above Torbane, Yuri B., (/6 12.0km)

18 July, Sat
Minotaurs Lair – Minotaur Point, Mark G., (/6 6.0km)
Valley of the Dinosaurs and Ultimate Slot, Yuri B., (/6 6.0km)

19 July, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 7, Esther C., (/6 12.0km)

20 July, Mon
Dee Why to Manly, Sophie A., (/6 9.0km)
Leura Points, Allan P., (/6 14.0km)

21 July, Tue

22 July, Wed
Garigal NP Two Creeks Track, Gerald H., (/6 8.0km)
Heathcote to Engadine, Bandula G., (/6 14.0km)

23 July, Thu
Grampians, Adrian J., (/6 0.0km)

24 July, Fri
The Great West Walk: Section 1, Esther C., (/6 19.0km)
Tootie Creek Loop, Yuri B., (/6 5.0km)

25 July, Sat
Petries Gully Circuit, Mark G., (/6 7.5km)

26 July, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 6, Esther C., (/6 12.0km)
Provide first aid in remote situation days 1-3, General Community Event, (/6 0.0km)

27 July, Mon
Nellies Glen and Devils Hole Katoomba, Janet R., (/6 12.0km)

28 July, Tue
Balancing Rock Macquarie Pass NP, David W., (/6 8.0km)
Hoddles Track, Joan L., (/6 6.0km)

29 July, Wed
Maroubra to Malabar, Fritz W., (/6 9.0km)

30 July, Thu

31 July, Fri
Airly Creek Cave, Yuri B., (/6 5.0km)
The Great West Walk: Part 2, Esther C., (/6 13.0km)