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1 December, Tue
Dharawal Pools, Mike M., (/6 8.0km)
Landing Lights, Brian E., (/6 5.0km)
Thirlmere Lakes, Joan L., (/6 11.0km)

2 December, Wed
Dee Why to Manly Beach, Sophie A., (/6 9.0km)
Wentworth Falls circuit via Valley of Waters, Roberts Pass, Moya Point, Bandula G., (/6 12.0km)

3 December, Thu
Advance Notice: Crossing The Blue Mountains, Esther, (/6 0.0km)
Crossing The Blue Mountains: Section 1A, Esther, (/6 10.0km)
Green Gully Cliff Walk, Yuri B., (/6 0.0km)
Manly, Sue W., (/6 8.0km)

4 December, Fri
Crooked Falls, jcrocker, (/6 46.0km)
Mt Victoria circuit via Coxs Cave, Dunns Leap Track and Bushranger Cave, Bandula G., (/6 10.0km)
Parramatta to Shoalhaven Heads: Section 11, Esther, (/6 8.0km)

5 December, Sat
Caves beach- Catherine Hill Bay – Red Ochre Beach, Mark G., (/6 17.0km)
, John H., (/6 10.0km)
Devils Throat and the Cliffs of Camp Creek, Yuri B., (/6 6.0km)
, Esther, (/6 10.0km)
, Mike P., (/6 10.0km)
, Geoffrey.L, (/6 10.0km)

6 December, Sun
Crossing the Blue Mountains: Section 1B, Esther, (/6 10.0km)
Walk & Weed, Conny H., (/6 0.0km)

7 December, Mon
Birchgrove to Lewisham, John H., (/6 8.0km)
Gondwana Rainforest, Brian P., (/6 0.0km)
Overcliff and Undercliff, Allan P., (/6 10.0km)

8 December, Tue
Kurnell Peninsula, Rob G., (/6 15.0km)

9 December, Wed
Belango State Forest, Keith W, (/6 12.0km)
Hornsby to Thornleigh, Mike P., (/6 9.0km)
Lawson to Hazelbrook waterfall walk, Sheila W, (/6 11.0km)

10 December, Thu
Darling Point to Double Bay, Sue W., (/6 5.0km)

11 December, Fri
Asgard Swamp Trail, Allan P., (/6 10.0km)
Exploratory bushwalk or non-abseiling canyon, Yuri B., (/6 0.0km)
Parramatta to Shoalhaven Heads: Section 12, Esther, (/6 8.0km)

12 December, Sat
Hat Hill Canyon, Mark G., (/6 8.0km)

13 December, Sun

14 December, Mon
Field of Mars, John H., (/6 7.0km)
Old Sewerage Farm, Allan P., (/6 11.0km)

15 December, Tue

16 December, Wed
Lane Cove NP picnic walk, Bandula G., (/6 10.0km)

17 December, Thu
Orphan School Creek, Sue W., (/6 5.0km)

18 December, Fri
Exploratory bushwalk or non-abseiling canyon, Yuri B., (/6 0.0km)
Parramatta to Shoalhaven Heads: Section 13, Esther, (/6 9.0km)

19 December, Sat
Shelly Beach picnic, swim, snorkel and optional North Head walk, Mark G., (/6 5.0km)

20 December, Sun

21 December, Mon
Fort Rock to Mt Vic, Allan P., (/6 10.0km)
Westmead to Rosehill Christmas Lunch, John H., (/6 4.0km)

22 December, Tue
Summer walk: Centennial Park to Bronte Beach, Esther, (/6 7.0km)

23 December, Wed
Vera and Hippocrene Falls, Bandula G., (/6 8.0km)

24 December, Thu

25 December, Fri

26 December, Sat
Kosciuszko NP, Mark G., (/6 0.0km)

27 December, Sun
Disappointment spur track-Island Bend Pondage, Mark G., (/6 50.0km)
Walk & Weed, Conny H., (/6 0.0km)

28 December, Mon
Middle Head, Renate W., (/6 10.0km)
Woodford to Hazelbrook northside, Janet R., (/6 9.0km)

29 December, Tue
Kariong Hieroglyphs and Aboriginal Carvings : short summer walk, Esther, (/6 6.0km)

30 December, Wed
Cemetery and Christmas Lights Walk, Esther, (/6 5.0km)
Ettalong Wharf to Pearl Beach, Marilyn C., (/6 9.0km)
Springwood South Tracks, Paul L., (/6 15.0km)

31 December, Thu